Portable Laptop with Blu Ray drive

  Doddy123 08 Feb 13

Hi all could you please help. We are looking for a max 14" laptop to take away which will act as a blu ray player, good internet access speed. Not had to buy a laptop for 7 years and its all so techy !!. As soon as we put in a blu ray player its seems to really narrow/ make it very expensive. The idea is not to buy a tablet but a small laptop which can do take away and home tasks. Many thanks for your help.

Your situation isn't helped by the fact that Blu-Ray is considered something of a high end option - which means it usually only comes with top of the range laptops - and top of the range generally means a somewhat larger screen size then 13". If you were prepared to go up to, say, 15.6", I think you'd have a lot more choice.

  chub_tor 08 Feb 13

Have you considered a small laptop with an external BluRay drive such as this

  Doddy123 08 Feb 13

Thanks for quick reply, have noticed that while doing research, but its the portability we want. Due to not doubling up by not getting a tablet can increase budget to about 1k. Suppose could get a portable blu ray player & small laptop but back to taking 2 items away !!. Have also been reading that companies starting to take optical drives out & that the new windows does not play dvd any way, its a changing world !!.

  Doddy123 08 Feb 13

Hi chub_tor thanks for that, yes that was another idea, what should i look for in compatibility with an external ?.

  chub_tor 08 Feb 13

They all plug into USB ports so personally if I was looking for one I would go along to Amazon, see their range, read the reviews and plump for the one that reviewers say is the most reliable and then see if I could get the model for the lowest price.


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