pornographic E-mails

  jimanddavid 09:06 03 Oct 05

I am receiving these now on a regular basis, approx ten a day inviting me to look at certain sites.I replied to the first few asking them not to send these to me,but to no avail. Does anyone know how to stop these?

Many thanks in advance

  dontnoafing 09:08 03 Oct 05

don,t reply and get a new email yahoo.

  Ade_1 09:08 03 Oct 05

there is no link anywhere at the bottom saying along the lines of "to unsubscirbe/be taken of the mailing list click here and enter (whatever)"

  Ade_1 09:09 03 Oct 05

jimanddavid like doafnoafing says maybe a new e-mail ignore what i said.

  Ade_1 09:09 03 Oct 05


  MAJ 09:17 03 Oct 05

The reason you're receiving them is because you replied to the first few asking them to stop, jimanddavid, that's the one thing you should never do with spam, it only lets the senders know that your email address is active. Usually then your email address will be sold on as active and you'll receive a lot more spam. Never ever reply to spam or click a link in a spam email. If your ISP has a spam filtering option , some do and don't charge for it, activate it , see if that helps. You could also try setting up a few Message Rules in your email client (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc.) if the spam is coming from the same address all the time, or if it's Subject line is similar in all the emails.

  MAJ 09:23 03 Oct 05

I forgot to say, jimanddavid, also do the usual spyware scans with Adaware, Spybot S&D and A-Squared, and run a full virus scan with your [up-to-date] anti-virus software.

  Rayspan 09:34 03 Oct 05

Ref your comment Maj - about Message rules in Outlook Express et.c.

I use OE and have done just that, excluding all the usual pornographic 'buzz' words. It's useless to exclude 'senders' because they are bogus and seldom repeated.

Problem is, OE now also rejects 'Washington Post' 'Newsnight', and - believe it or not - MicroSoft newsletters!

I'd be interested to hear why this happens.

  PC Bilbo 09:35 03 Oct 05

You don't say if you use MS Outlook or Outlook Express.

If you use these, in addition to the good advice MAJ gives, consider a paid for anti-spam security system
or even using an alternative e-mail system. I use Incredimail which has a free version and allows you to filter and block junk mail.

  VoG II 09:37 03 Oct 05

Use Mailwasher click here

  jbaker65 09:44 03 Oct 05

It's a losing battle. Just read any eMails from known senders and delete all others without opening them. Takes 5 seconds.

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