Popups in PCAdvisor

  swapper 21:29 31 Mar 03

Every time I enter the PCAdvisor website, I get a window appear right accross the email/password box. it is driving me ........... mad.
It is an ad "Bossy 3" how do I get rid of it pse?

  powerless 21:37 31 Mar 03

click here built it pop up stopper.

click here havee never used it, so can not say if it will work. (credit goes to the perosn who posted this link but i cannot remember his name).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:40 31 Mar 03

There is a 'close here' box in grey on the edge of the pop-up. Hit the 'X' and it will disappear.


  Peter E 22:29 31 Mar 03

Does that to me, too. Pops up just after I start typing my user name, and then I have to close it before I can continue. I think it defeats the point of advertising if you annoy the people who you are trying to attract to your product.

You can close it as GANDALF <|:-)> suggests, but it's still annoying me so much that I hesitate to visit this site.

  monkeyshine 23:02 31 Mar 03

That's funny, Peter E, the FE said he'd take care of it on Monday. It's almost Tuesday.

  Forum Editor 23:14 31 Mar 03

Get your facts right please monkeyshine.

I believe the FE said he had passed details of complaints to the appropriate people. Onsite advertising isn't part of my remit.

It's the easiest thing in the world to close the ad in question - takes around half a second - and I'm amazed that some people find that so tiresome.

I've said this until I'm blue in the face - no ads = no forum, and if some people find them a trifle annoying (the number of complaints we get is tiny compared to the number of people who visit the site) I'm sorry, but advertising is an essential part of the equation as far as we're concerned.

  monkeyshine 23:21 31 Mar 03

I think my quote is in order, if you want to play semantics, well fine.

  Peter E 23:28 31 Mar 03

and quite understand that it's important to the site. But it's annoying when it pops up right over the log in box after you've begun to type. Advertisements annoying potential customers = no customers.

  Bald Eagle 23:35 31 Mar 03

AS FE says, but to use my own language, what's the damn problem? Close it and move on!

  geoff47 23:41 31 Mar 03

NO POPUPS.............NO FORUM?
Give me more popups please...
It is annoying ...but whats the alternative?
Think on you people out there...nearly said whingers...but that would have been seen as offensive...so I held back

  Peter E 23:57 31 Mar 03

swapper asked how he could get rid of the pop-up and was given the answer. I have the same pop-up problem and commented that adverts which annoy are counter-productive. I'm human and such things annoy me. If I was in advertising I'd want to know if my advert wasn't having the desired effect.

Bald Eagle and geoff47, there's absolutely no need for you both to chip in with your comments - or are you self-appointed moderators?

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