Popup - Removal

My XP (Home) seems to be affected by an annoying popup programme. When I'm on-line (broadband) every now and again I'm being told about men's medicines and so on. I have the usual anti-spyware installed and the XP firewall on. I've been through the Registry manually and haven't dicovered anything obviously amiss (although I'm only a novice and might have missed the offending line). I've tried a couple of free downloads to attempt to cleanse the system but they haven't worked. Anything else I could do please? Many thanks.

  VoG II 09:33 29 Mar 05

Messenger Service pop-ups? click here

  Jackcoms 09:53 29 Mar 05

Do you have a pop-up blocker, such as the XP SP2 pop-up blocker?

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