Popup blocker sound on after uninstall

  Nelson 15:31 07 Oct 04

I had the google toolbar installed mainly for its popup blocker. Despite turning of the 'play sound when popup blocked' feature it still gave an annoying burp every time. After installing SP2 with its popup blocker feature I uninstalled the google toolbar but I still get the sound. I have turned off the sound feature for the SP2 blocker in the IE tools menu and gone into Control Panel and disabled the action under Sounds and Audio Device Properties but still I get a crappy burp with every popup blocked. Any thoughts on the matter greatly appreciated!

  Wak 16:09 07 Oct 04

Hi, this sound will have a .WAV extension so if you check all the .WAV sounds you will be able to delete it forever.
Sorry but I can't tell you where to find it as I still have Win 98SE.

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