pop.easyspace.everyone.net. What is it please?

  nick_j007 12:50 12 Sep 05

click here

The above web address is all I can find so far.

In my tool tray bottom right I have a small icon that intermittently pops up as if scanning my mail(?) or something. In fact, as I type I notice it comes on every minute when the email client 'Incredimail XE' scans for new messages.

The icon looks a little like a police blue light in front of an envelope.

I do use easyspace as my web address provider if that helps, and have a free email address connected to it also, which is directed into Incredimail account. I've not seen this before.
I'm using Avast! now for AV protection and this seems ok so far and I am up to date with definitions and am clear of any viruses etc.

Is this an intrusion? I have scanned last night with Ad-Aware and Spybot and it is still doing it.

Your thoughts would be welcome!


  gudgulf 13:16 12 Sep 05

Try hovering your mouse over the icon when it next appears and see what information pops up.It does look like it is a mail scanner of some sort(most likely antivirus/spam filter?) but I can't find anything on Google to help.

  nick_j007 14:41 12 Sep 05

Thanks gudgulf. I've copied the query to Easyspace directly, as they might know what it is.
I seem to recal that it says as per my heading if I hover over it.


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