pop3,yahoo & broadband

  cracker²³ 08:20 18 Jun 03

Hi, I have an email account with yahoo that has been configured to work with Incredimail (pop & smtp settings). I will be switching to broadband soon and would like to know if I will still be able to use both programmes as I am now. thank you

  duplo 10:32 18 Jun 03

I think you should be OK. I have broadband with Yahoo, incredimail would not work, however I was using it through a router which was bloking the ports. If your plugged straid into the BB modem then it should work just like normal.

Even if you end up using a router it should not be difficult finding out which ports incredimail uses and then unbloking them on the router.

Good luck & Enjoy super-fast internet!!

  cracker²³ 10:40 18 Jun 03

Thanks duplo - cant wait :-))

  cracker²³ 11:30 18 Jun 03

Anyone else any views?

  cracker²³ 14:36 18 Jun 03


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