POP3/SMTP error with Outlook

Trying to send/receive messages via Outlook I get the following errors 0x800ccc0e/d
connection to server failed Port 25 (SMTP) & Port 110 (POP3) not "available". Ideas on how to make available, plse?

  Big Elf 12:55 02 Aug 03

Have a look at this article Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 191687 although it seems to be related to Exchange Server and Outlook.

click here

  peterpan 15:25 02 Aug 03

is problem solved? If not post more info,
opp system, isp etc. I've had this problem in the past and cured it by resetting all the pop details etc, (I fortunately kept a copy of all my settings)

Hi Big Elf, How do I go about opening a prompt on the exchange server computer?
Hi Peterpan, I'm running XP home, ISP-NTL 600k broadband. I too have tried resetting my pop details...to no avail.

  User-312386 10:01 03 Aug 03

are you running an anti-virus programme?

If you are turn off the pop3 scan as this can change the settings

  Big Elf 10:17 03 Aug 03

Sorry, but unfortunately I have no idea. I found the link in Google.

  SEASHANTY 10:31 03 Aug 03

Also have NTL 600k BB and also have trouble with O.E. on reception of email. Can use it for sending OK. Have set up email details on Mozilla browser which I use most of the time now. This has no trouble in sending and receiving email via the NTL server and UNLIKE connecting from the NTL Homepage direct IT DOES NOT TIME OUT ON ME with the result that on NTL I have to start composing the email again.

  peterpan 18:01 03 Aug 03

any luck yet with outlook?
I know a lot of people don't like correct connect
but I've had no probs with it why not give it a try. also try click here
registration issues
scroll to ntl section. hope it helps...

Cheers Peterpan,
I'm working my way through the link you posted, hopefully get it sorted soon.

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