POP3 through LAN

  peeby 20:43 26 Jun 03

Doing a 6 month course in a largish institution and unable to use normal POP3 accounts and have to access my email through [B]Web[/B]. I get an error message - Failure in IP acquisition-. As far as I know there is a local mail server runing. The staff are a bit on the unhelpfull side.
[B] So the Question [/B] is can I set up POP3 accounts in Outlook.or OE to collect my Email without the co-operation of them that wo'nt help.
OR do does the LAN server have to be reconfigured so that I can access public SMTP servers

  john-232317 21:58 26 Jun 03

Dont know about lans etc, but i use this, from any computer type in your email address and password.
you can also delete or reply from it.
Hope it helps

regards john

click here

  hellred 21:01 27 Jun 03

your pc must have internet access or else you will be unable to connect, it sounds like you dont have as soon as you try now, the local mail server cannot identify your mailbox settings

  peeby 14:24 28 Jun 03

I get on the www straight away,but normal mail clients OE and Outlook also nPOP,do'nt work.
It seems to me, that LAN passes on WWW to the next DNS but does'nt know what to to when it get a request from a POP mail cleint. The error message is always the same
"Failure in IP Acquisition"
Should be possible to include more in Server Address box of POP mail client so that Local Server know how to pass on request.
I'm just guessing here, but would like to hear from someone who has managed this, without the co-operation of the local IT departmet who as I say are not offering.

  peeby 18:18 28 Jun 03

Thanks Beta,
That seems to be the right gear. But even though downloading at present, your warning about IT depts. not liking it makes me think I will have to wait till the near the end of the course before using it, just in case they get really upset.
Would be nice to try though. Seems pretty easy to setup. You don't happen to know how to lock folders in Win2K (I'm not admin ), but they would probably still know which machine was tunneling and as I always use the same machine I'd be caught that way.

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