pop ups

  hubdean 13:52 18 Mar 05

i have popups coming on to my desk top
google will not stop them
what can be done

  Lionheart ? 13:57 18 Mar 05

Try this click here

  daxian 13:59 18 Mar 05

hi hubdean....
a lot will depend on which operating system you use ....if you can post back with a bit more info ,we can help you better .

  dogbreath1 14:02 18 Mar 05

Also, why not install Firefox as your default browser. Popups no more! click here

  hubdean 14:05 18 Mar 05


  Rigga 14:43 18 Mar 05

hubdean, you may mean windows messenger popups, not popups within IE.

If so you need to stop the windows messenger service.


  Lionheart ? 14:53 18 Mar 05

As Rigga says it could be Windows Messenger Service here is another way of disabling it click here

  hubdean 15:10 18 Mar 05

messenger no longer enabled
but still they keep coming
firefox is default browser
google wont keep them out
whats next ???????

  Yoda Knight 15:24 18 Mar 05

Usual checks, spybot, adaware, etc... sounds like you might already be infected

  Lead 18:12 18 Mar 05

What OS are you using? If we're talking web browser popups, then XP SP2 has a popup blocker. It's not 100% effective, but certainly worth it.

  hubdean 18:18 18 Mar 05

win xp

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