Pop up problem

  joebloggs1 19:17 14 May 06

Brothers PC mainly used by kids for MS Messenger. When PC turned on a normal Windows message box appears saying something along the lines of "don't press this". Wherever you click it then gives a message "I told you not to click this" - goes through about 40-50 message boxes. Some just have letters of alaphabet, others say loop forever etc. Eventually does go off. Can't work out what is causing this. Tried MSConfig and Startup Inspector and neither list anything out of ordinary. Also ran Adaware and Spybot and both identified errors but not stopped it.
I think it might be the Messenger Service and I am going to disable this, but this won't tackle route cause. Anybody seen it before?

  mike1967 19:20 14 May 06

Have you tried to disable the messenger service cause I think that will rid you of this problem

  mike1967 19:22 14 May 06

Do the pop ups look like this
click here

  joebloggs1 19:26 14 May 06

They look the same, but don't say Messenger in the title bar, they say Internet Explorer. However this occurs prior to connecting to internet or launching IE6. I ran task manager and watched the processes CPU usage whilst clicking OK to the boxes and this is what points to it being the messenger service!

  bluto1 22:13 14 May 06

Install the Google toolbar and just over halfway down, from left to right, theres a button marked
either `0 blocked` or `popups OK`. Click so 0 blocked shows. It works for me.

  joebloggs1 18:19 15 May 06

Messnger Service is already disabled - so not that. Not Google toolbar because happens when not connected to Internet and Internet Explorer not open. Hoping someone seen it before.. I would guess this will nbe linked to MSN

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