Pop out menus with Front Page 2000

  quack 16:54 02 Dec 04

Can I create pop out menus in FP 2000. If so how?

  Taran 10:37 03 Dec 04

You can with an inexpensive add-in, but from memory I don't think the option is built in natively - I'm not in front of a PC with FrontPage 2000 nistalled and so I can't confirm 100%, but I certainly don't remember anything that does pop-out menus being a built-in feature.

There are a lot of third party products that can produce the necessary code which you can then insert into your FrontPage site by pasting the code in 'code/HTML view'.

click here

This click here is one of many FrontPage add-in components that gives extra functionality to the parent prgram. There are lts more and a search in Google for this:

"FrontPage"+add in

will lead to more options than you can deal with.

  quack 13:07 03 Dec 04

Thanks Taran. I think I can find the answer to my query in your links. Incidentally, I also have Macromedia Studio MX on my machine but can't get to grips with the programme yet. Is there anyway that the menus can be created using this programme?

  Taran 00:00 04 Dec 04

Yes, Studio MX can do the whole lot.

Fireworks can be used to create pop-out menus (see help files for tutorials) and Dreamweaver has a built in menu generator as well.

Both programs are superb but they often seriously daunt those unused to them.

Have a play and see where you get. If you come unstuck, ask.

  quack 09:58 04 Dec 04

Thanks again Taran. Having used this forum several times I am very much aware of your expertise and willingness to assist and shall follow your advice and will not hesitate to ask if I run into yet more difficulties.

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