Pop-up claiming to be Windows????

  DJ-Garry 21:23 02 Feb 14

Hi guys ... just had this small pop-up, and when clicking on the link, it took me to the page behind it in the picture ....... The url has no security (it seems to me) :/ Is it genuine and ok to follow though with, or viral?

Thanks :)


  wee eddie 22:14 02 Feb 14

Please try to post the link again

  lotvic 22:57 02 Feb 14

wee eddie, you could have copied and pasted... link ClickHere

  DJ-Garry 08:22 03 Feb 14

bump :)

  Secret-Squirrel 09:03 03 Feb 14

Gaz, the website address in your browser's address bar appears genuine as it shows "microsoft.com" as the domain name.

To check whether there really is an activation problem with your copy of Windows go to Control Panel -> System. Look at the bottom of the screen in the "Windows activation" section and it'll tell you the activation status. If it's not activated then click on the link there.

  wee eddie 12:11 03 Feb 14

Thanks for the suggestion lotvic, but I was on my Mobile Phone and have not yet managed to workout how to Cut and Paste.

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