Pop up box every time I reboot.

  birdface 11:30 24 Mar 11

Each time I log on to my PC a message pops up that says "You are attempting to open a file of type Application extension (.dll)". It then asks me to choose a program to launch the file or to search the computer for a program to open it.
The name of the file is msxml3.dll that is an L3 as far as I can make out.
Anyone know how to stop this box from showing everytime I start up.
I am having problems getting flash player to work on I/E and just wondered if this could be the cause.

  tullie 11:33 24 Mar 11

I think you need to do a registry scan with ccleaner.

  birdface 11:43 24 Mar 11

Sorry should have said I have done registry scans and all security scans and nothing found.
using W/7 64bit.

  Woolwell 12:05 24 Mar 11

See click here. Perhaps one of your programs is corrupt or even Windows. System restore to before the snag? Your registry scan could have caused it.

  birdface 12:42 24 Mar 11

Thanks Woolwell I had a look at that a bit earlier but will have another look a bit later when I come back in.

  Les28 13:39 24 Mar 11

How does it startup in safe mode?
You don't say how long it's been happening but with it happening at boot time maybe you've uninstalled a program but the uninstall hasn't been clean.
Maybe a look in msconfig Startup Tab and Services Tab (to see what non-ms services are starting up), in case there are any orphaned entries.

Also maybe a look at the prefetch .pf files to see if anything there that's been uninstalled may be causing problems.

Otherwise perhaps

click here

  birdface 16:20 24 Mar 11

It starts up Ok in safe mode without the pop up box.
I have checked msconfig and can find no problems.
Just thinking I was having problems signing into Windows Messenger and some of my e-mail accounts but did a repair on Security essentials and that seemed to fix it.
Just about to have a look at your click here.
So will report back if I find the problem.
If not you know it is still ongoing.
Having problems with trying to use Flash programm it does download but does not work so that may also be the problem.
Just rolled back from IE9 to IE8 a few days ago. Going to remove a few programs to see if it makes any difference then reinstall them if it doesn't.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 24 Mar 11

1. Click the Start button. Select All Programs, select Accessories and then right-click Command Prompt.
2. Select Run as administrator from the context menu
3. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password or click Continue.
4. The command line opens. Type the following command, and then press ENTER:
regsvr32 %windir%system32msxml3.dll
5. Should then get message - DllRegisterServer succeeded in C:WindowsSystem32msxml3.dll is succeeded.
6 Close command prompt.

  birdface 18:41 24 Mar 11

Failed to load is the reply I get Fruit Bat /\0/\.
Just in the middle of downloading Firefox but will be back shortly and may have found the problem but how to rectify it might be awkward.
Be back in about 30 minutes.

  birdface 19:14 24 Mar 11

Ok looks like I have tracked it down to an program in WinPatrol.
I remember it asking me a couple of times whether to allow or deny it.
The actuall program was Microsoft[r] 3.0 SP11 msxmsl.dll.
As I was busy at the time I just allowed it and it went into the start up folder.
I have just disabled it and the computer is starting now without the pop up.
But not sure if it means I will get problems with it disabled or not.
Will just have to wait and see.

  birdface 08:32 25 Mar 11

Ok looks like that has stopped the pop up box from appearing so will class this as resolved .
Thanks to everyone that helped.

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