Pop up Blocker

  Birder 1 14:18 08 Nov 07

How do i disable these please?

  Pine Man 15:08 08 Nov 07

In Internet Explorer - Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

  Birder 1 17:25 08 Nov 07

I am having problems in Yahoo Chat.


  johnnyrocker 17:27 08 Nov 07

do you wish to use a pop up blocker or disable one?


  Birder 1 19:16 08 Nov 07

Disable one.

  sunny staines 19:25 08 Nov 07

If you use IE7 this download will kill of ads and has many more good points

click here ie7pro

  Pine Man 19:34 08 Nov 07

I think we are all talking at cross purposes!

Do you have a pop-up blocker that you want to disable OR do you want a pop-up blocker to stop pop-ups appearing on your screen?

  johnnyrocker 19:52 08 Nov 07

my question too


  Birder 1 08:22 09 Nov 07

I have one in Yahoo Chat that i want to disable.


  johnnyrocker 09:01 09 Nov 07

you are not making yourself very clear. is there a pop up in yahoo chat which you want rid of or do you have a stopper which you wish to disable in yahoo?. if it is one you wish to stop what form does it take?


  Birder 1 09:56 09 Nov 07


It is one i want to disable in Lycos Chat



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