pop up blocker

  bugzee 10:07 12 Jun 04

i have installed a free pop up blocker from panic
ware site and tried to send it to my mate , who has just informed me that he cant open it because it has a virus attached,ihave run avg and all seems well !
does any one know why this has happened , and should i uninstall it

  Gongoozler 10:33 12 Jun 04

All virus checkers will sometimes alert you to virus-like activity even with harmless files, especially .exe files. The problem is that the checker tries to anticipate viruses that aren't yet in the database. Pop-up Stopper from Panicware click here is perfectly safe (i'm using it right now), and the best thing is for your friend to download it directly from the Panicware site.

  bugzee 10:47 12 Jun 04

he reckons mcafee found atrojan !!!!!
strange isnt it

  bugzee 10:47 12 Jun 04

he reckons mcafee found a trojan !!!!!
strange isnt it

  Gongoozler 22:08 12 Jun 04

The installation file for Popup Stopper should be PopUpStopperFree.exe. Unless a trojan spoofs itself with this filename I can't see any reason why Mcafee should object. Many ISP's won't let you attach an exe file to an email because of the risk of it being a virus, and Mcafee might be taking this approach.

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