pop up ads from adshooter

  cliffyd 19:27 14 Mar 04

for about 4 days i have had ads from click here appearing even though explorer is closed. this happened after a number of toolbars mysteriouslu appeared. I have uninstalled these but the ads keep appearing. Can anyone let me know how to get rid of them once and for all.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:31 14 Mar 04

click here
Lavasoft click here

Two spyware checkers.

  obbit 19:43 14 Mar 04

once you have installed the 2 programs as indicated by Diodorus Siculus, download and install spywareblaster
click here

this will stop them reinstalling

  Diodorus Siculus 20:26 14 Mar 04

the fist checker comes up as an error then closes the second stops after checking 2940 files any ideas?


Please, post here, not via email. That way, others can shed some light on the situation.

  cliffyd 18:54 15 Mar 04

still getting pop up from adshooter have run lavasoft then spybuster. spybot stops after 2957 files checked from 5000+. latest pop up was what girl do you want to f**k tonight. Bit embarrasing with kids around. If anyone can suggest solution apart from delete drive and start again would much appreciate the help

  thms 19:05 15 Mar 04

Go here click here

about half way down there are instructions on how to remove manually.

Good Luck.

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