pop 3 time outs

  muscic lover 17:22 04 Jan 03
  muscic lover 17:22 04 Jan 03

does anybody know why i get a timed out message from NTL broadband, i can send 'em , but get timed out from pop3 server when i wanna download!

it is getting me to the point of distraction, as all my mails are getting returned to sender now, due to an overflowing mailbox. i have tried the mail page from the NTL homepage and get nowhere....please help a fellow chip user!

  recap 17:29 04 Jan 03

Music Lover, this could be related to the size of email you are sending.

  BRYNIT 17:31 04 Jan 03

Are you settings for your e-mail correct

  muscic lover 17:37 04 Jan 03

recap...i am able to send e-mail i just cant get to the inbox lot.
Brynit...the settins have not changed by myself or by any new programme... why me?

  anchor 17:39 04 Jan 03

I don`t know anything about NTL, but if you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, try increasing your server timeout to 5 mins.

Open Outlook Express, tools, accounts, select mail, NTL, properties, advanced, and slide server time out to maximum, (5mins).

You could also try going to
click here

and see if you can log on to your NTL account, and read, and possible delete, messages from there. I suspect some of the messages have very large attachments.

  BRYNIT 17:59 04 Jan 03

If my last suggestion was not suitable try this one from the NTL help files.

Your email box probably contains a large amount of data (more than 2Mb). The delay in processing this data may cause your email programme to 'give up' (timeout). Changing the timeout setting (Network Timeout) in your software should solve the problem.

  rickf 18:12 04 Jan 03

I think you can also go to your mail box at NTL and look at the mail there. Delete ones which are too large. Reset your settings as suggested.

  Andÿ 18:15 04 Jan 03

Try clearing your mailbox here click here

  muscic lover 01:31 05 Jan 03

thanks guys (& gals)
The prob has now been sorted out by you and my poor old fingers tapping away at keys!

Keep up the good work!

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