poor WiFi help

  Madrat 26 Sep 10

Hi, I have sky broadband and although the wifi is perfect in the house as soon as we try to use the laptops outside we have a very poor or none existent signal. The router is on the 1st floor at the front of the house. Moving the router to another location is not an option due to wired network connections next to it. Is there any way to boost the signal? the router has no visible aerial.

  onthelimit 27 Sep 10

A home plug and range extender - some ideas click here. Home plug transfers BB signal to house mains supply. Range extender extracts it and re-transmits as a wireless signal. There are others ways as well.

  Madrat 27 Sep 10

Don't like home plugs, they should be banned.

I like the idea of the repeater. will look in to it


  onthelimit 27 Sep 10


  Madrat 27 Sep 10

They cause interference with some radio's, and can cause problems with internet speed

  onthelimit 27 Sep 10

No, I don't think so! Homeplugs themselves work over the mains network and have nothing to do with radio frequencies.

  Madrat 27 Sep 10

I beg to differ but the interference from them and the wiring they connect to is causing radio hams to try and get them baned or regulated, also they are technically illegal under EU law.

  kristain 28 Sep 10

try this trick:

start run, gpedit.msc, computer config, admin templates, network, QoS packet scheduler, set Limit Reservable Bandwidth to enable and the value as 0

Reboot your pc and the net should run a little faster.

click here for more help if unable to fix.

  dms_05 28 Sep 10

Homeplug is the perfect solution - I've used it for years and it doesn't interfere with any of our numerous 'wireless' appliances including AM/FM/UHF/DSAT and Internet Radio. It has a similar overhead to 802 WiFi so offers very similar speeds to the end user.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 28 Sep 10

Homeplugs do not cause interference.


  onthelimit 28 Sep 10

Thank you GANDALF <|:-)>.


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