Poor video transfer quality

  bosshu17 14 Mar 13

I am new to transferring from camcorder to pc so would be grateful for any help..

I bought one of those Video-2-PC kits off e-bay which is basically a USB cable and tutorial video. I managed to transfer from the camcorder (Sony Handycam TRV460E) and produce a DVD but have to say, was very disappointed with the results. The video quality was not as good as the original.

I since learned that firewire was the way forward and should expect like-for-like results.

I installed a firewire card (Startech 1394A) into my Dell Inspiron 660s tower. The results are pretty much the same as with the USB cable.

I have read that I should get a perfect digital picture using firewire.

Can anybody point me in the right direction please. I have spent about £60 already and am getting nowhere fast......

What was it that was poor about the quality? Fuzzy? Washed out colour? Jerky movement? And: I assume what you're importing is an .avi file? What are you using (software) to transcode it to DVD format?

By the way: historically, in the days of USB 1.0, Firewire was indeed superior to USB. With USB 2.0, that's now much less the case.

  woodchip 14 Mar 13

Its not the Wire, its the Camera and software used that makes for a good Video

  bosshu17 14 Mar 13

I'm using Arcsoft showbiz software to capture and transfer. The picture does look 'washed out' and grainy. The results from the Sony camera on Digital8 tapes before transferring are really outstanding so there is something not right. The cable used to transfer from camera is a dv to firewire.

  woodchip 14 Mar 13

Then Software must be Altering the file, changing it to more compressed file. So its loosing Quality

  Number six 15 Mar 13

I believe your camera records to MPEG-1 format? Your problem is likely to be in the encoding to DVD process - i.e. MPEG-1(camera) to MPEG-2(DVD).

If you can play the files can be played on your PC in good quality, but look bad when transferred to DVD, then this is definitely the case. You need to look for better DVD burning/authoring software.

  bosshu17 15 Mar 13

Many thanks for all your help. I will get back to you after your advice is implemented.

  bosshu17 15 Mar 13

Just checked a video clip I saved on Arcsoft showbiz and it is a TMS file. What does this mean and is this the reason I am getting poor results?

  Woolwell 15 Mar 13

What is your OS? I suspect that tms means total media showbiz and is a project file. I'm not familiar with Arcsoft though.

  woodchip 15 Mar 13

TMS is the problem, it needs converting


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