Poor Response on Windows Vista Basic

  victorjohnp 17:00 29 Jan 08

I'm a novice so please bear wih me!Recently the response on Vista Home Basic has been very poor with screen freezing and intermittent and jerky response.I am not into games but I do a fair bit of video editing with Pinnacle. I have ample disc space (660 GB). I have been advised to upgrade my Grapics capability and/or Ram currently 1024 Mb.My system is as follows:-Pentium Dual Core Processor 2.08 GHz (800Mhz FSB,2x2Mb cache),Integrated Intel Graphics Media accelerator 3000.
Can anybody advise me if upgrading would help the situation and if so how? Thanks.

  silverous 17:07 29 Jan 08

That sounds like a fine spec for Vista Basic. More than a GB tends to be 'recommended' as best for Vista but you can run it fie on 1gb which you have (although some of that will probably be being eaten up by the graphics card as I believe that is integrated graphics).

Is it new and has this always been the case? Recently upgraded to vista?

It sounds more like some kind of configuration/hardware issue to me as I don't have dual core and only have 1GB of ram and I don't get any freezing/jerky response. It isn't as quick as XP but that's mostly vista for you on comparable hardware.

Video editing, if it is something you do a lot of would probably justify more ram (up to 2GB at least) and a dedicated graphics card possibly wouldn't be a bad idea. If you did those, which wouldn't be overly expensive depending on the graphics card, then at least you could rule out the harwdware spec as dual core should be plenty good enough.

  anskyber 17:11 29 Jan 08

1Gb of RAM is fine for Basic but you have integrated graphics and you are video editing. Taken together I think you are pushing things a little. I would start with an upgrade to the RAM and, if needs be, look for a video card.

  Widow's Son 17:11 29 Jan 08

1gb is not a lot for Vista - If you are a novice it may be better to take it in to a local independent computer dealer. Adding more ram is a simple short job (half an hour should easily complete it) but there are many different types of RAM and it would be easy to order the wrong one.

If you are determined to do it yourself Crucial have a search where they'll be able to tell you what type your system has click here

(Obviously you don't HAVE to buy from them!} I'd suggest 4gb is what you should go for.

Hope that helps

  anskyber 17:18 29 Jan 08

If you look at this the integrated graphics will use up to 384Mb or 256Mb of your installed RAM depending on your chipset. click here

  aine 17:43 29 Jan 08

Widows son. I feel that 4GB of ram would be a waste of money? The vista basic would not be able to use all this ram. I use premium with 2GB and it is quite fast. At the most the system would recognise would be 3Gb but would still be unable to utilise all of it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  anskyber 17:49 29 Jan 08

You are right, Vista Basic will only recognise up to 4gigs of RAM but that will include any other machine requirement for memory mapping. So usually it will be about 3.5 max.

I agree that 2 gigs allows my Vista Premium to fly along but I also have separate video memory of 256 Mb.

  aine 18:10 29 Jan 08

Anskyber. My video card has its own memory,128MB. This would help the system run.

  silverous 22:14 29 Jan 08

As per my earlier post, I'm not convinced that this is definitly a memory issue but for the price of memory get up to 2GB and see how it responds. 4GB seems like overkill to me, particularly if this - as my hunch says, isn't purely a memory issue.

  Widow's Son 12:44 30 Jan 08

This is an inexperienced user who wants to edit video. 2gb might just do the trick but if he is paying someone to install he'd be better going the whole way now than later having to pay someone for another upgrade.

You run into a 4gb limit that exists in all 32 bit versions of Windows.

  victorjohnp 17:02 30 Jan 08

Thankyou gents for your prompt and helpful replies. I'm going to upgrade as suggested by 2GB of RAM. If that doesn't work I'll be back for more advice! Thanks.

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