poll voting again

  bobbybowls 21:24 06 Dec 04

i had a post earlier about this and thought it was sorted but its the same again
click here
been out (pc left on)came home opened firefox loged on to pca and have multiple votes again
if its a cookie problem its only clearing some of them as my logon is being remembered.
is there a setting in firefox ? as ive just started using it

  Valvegrid 21:50 06 Dec 04

I can do the same as you with my Firefox. I've checked my settings in Edit Preferences and then clicking on the Privacy tab you'll see Cookies, when you open cookies, at the bottom there is a drop down menu, mine says Keep Cookies until I close Firefox. If yours says the same, try changing the setting to Keep Cookies till they expire and see if that makes a difference.

  bobbybowls 00:23 07 Dec 04

tried changing the settings still same it seems to save some cookies but not others
tried clearing cookies/ cleared passwords but it still remembers some of them.

its saving log on details for my bank which is not too much of a problem as me and my partner are the only users but others might find this to be a problem.

  bobbybowls 12:19 07 Dec 04

ive been experimenting with the settings on firefox. opened and closed firefox. restarted pc, shutdown and restarted pc. ran adaware and spybot.
it apears compleatly random as to which cookies and passwords it saves.
there must be something simple that im not seeing.

  bobbybowls 01:13 24 Dec 04

reloaded firefox all ok now

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