Pointing.rediredting a domain to non index.html

  Patr100 23:40 01 Dec 06

Ok this is probably not possible but I will run it past you folks. I have two similar domains let's say click here and click here.
Currently I have both pointed to a single hosted site.

Normally of course a domain would be pointed to direct or forward for an index,html file as homepage.

However I would like to be able to point the click here to a particular page hosted on the existing site - eg. use a small amount of the already set up hosting space to effectively run a second very small site - which would probably be only one page -

Having tried with 1 & 1's control panel it doesnt seem possible as the convention is to redirect an url to a home page called index.html but I wonder if I am missing something.

In essence, I am just trying to avoid having to pay for more hosting tfor a small unconnected site when my current hosted space is underutilised though it msy not be possible.

  Patr100 23:44 01 Dec 06

Ps the click heres (forgot about those!) should be read as theoretical examples only eg

wwww mysite co uk and wwww mysite.com

  Falkyrn 16:58 03 Dec 06

set up a new directory set up within your webspace and create the single page website within that directory as index.html and point the domain to that directory

  Falkyrn 17:04 03 Dec 06

Reading that doesn't make much sense ....

Your main directory is something like /. on 1&1 if you create a new directory say /new1 and create your small web site within this new directory - if a single page simply call it index.html.
Using 1&1 directory set up point the domain you wish to this new directory and it will be as if a second unconnected website

  Patr100 17:20 03 Dec 06

Thanks Falkyrn - I'll have a go soon

  Patr100 17:45 03 Dec 06

Cheers - it works! Very useful to know.
Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 22:50 03 Dec 06

a sub-web, and is a commonly-used method for achieving what you want to do.

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