podlod 10:39 07 Jul 05

Hi, Is there a verified website I can go to to find out if my graphic drivers, or patches need to be upgraded for my computor, or if there is a website that will check my computor and do it for me as I am slighty green when it comes to the computor. Cheers Bryan. Oh and thanks again OCTAL

  bruno 11:08 07 Jul 05

Windows update will give you a certain amount of info about your drivers.You can also find out which drivers you have by going to a site called EVEREST click here then going on to the makers website to get the latest information.

  podlod 13:47 09 Jul 05

Hi Bruno,Thanks for the info and lets me know everything that I wish to know on drivers etc;
and much more. Cheers Bryan

  podlod 13:22 10 Jul 05

Hi, I have a problem when I first boot up my computor, the screen says"windows could not start because the file is missing or corrupt, system 32, drivers NTFS.sys."
Try repair starting disc set up using original CD rom.

Problem is I never received a disc when I bought the computor as it was a re- con.
Please help! Bryan

  Ivor_Monkey 16:26 10 Jul 05


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