Pocket Loox Settings

  flu 17:22 05 Jun 05

I have a Pocket Loox 720 that seems to lose all its settings when the battery runs out. At the moment I have to remember to keep recharging it to avoid losing all the settings (eg. for connecting to the internet). Is there anyway I can save these settings which I can then transfer to my PC or flash drive as backup? Any help welcome. Thank you in advance.

  flu 15:37 06 Jun 05

Any advice welcome ...

  Indigo 1 17:18 06 Jun 05

There should be an interal battery which keeps the settings from needing to be re-set, it has probably died and will ned to be replaced.

  flu 09:06 07 Jun 05

It was actually still new when this happened. Probably just started using 1/2 days before then. The internal battery wasn't replaced after that. The whole thing was charged and went through the motion of setting the pocket Loox.
So does this mean that as long as internal battery/backup battery is still running then that's what keeps it from losing the settings. Problem is, I'm afraid that I'll forget to charge it again and lose both batteries and settings once more.
Still, thanks Indigo 1.

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