PM on the forum?

  rdave13 23:09 PM 15 Apr 11

Just wondering how to PM a member here? Playing about I can't seem to be able to get the option to private message? Old forum was clicking on the envelope. While I'm here just testing the hyperlink. somewhere over the rainbow

Looks as it's working now.

  Sea Urchin 23:40 PM 15 Apr 11

According to this:

What do the forum icons mean?

it should be the grey envelope beside the poster's name - but that takes you to their Profile. Presumably another glitch to be sorted out.

  rdave13 23:45 PM 15 Apr 11

I thought so Sea Urchin. Thanks for your reply. Still prefer this version of the forums. Once the bugs are ironed out it will be great.

  TonyV 00:02 AM 16 Apr 11

Not convinced about the use of the Greyed Out envelope icon. Just trying to see what happens when I click on it and I get a see through message partly obscured by whatever is behind it on the right hand side. I think it is trying to tell me I can follow something or can view the individuals profile.

Seems strange!!


  rdave13 00:11 AM 16 Apr 11

TonyV ##

If on IE then disable compatibility mode. Site works better that way I think. All that's available is to follow or go to profile as Sea Urchin's post and what I also found.

  morddwyd 06:46 AM 16 Apr 11

I was looking forward to a message from Dave, no, the other one who lives in Downing Street!

  wiz-king 08:01 AM 16 Apr 11

FE sair 'it will work, it's another minor gltch'

  TonyV 09:32 AM 16 Apr 11


Absolutely right! I didn't realise Compatibility Mode was on, but once switched off the message came up fine.



  mimosa418 09:54 AM 16 Apr 11

clicking on the grey envelop when in IE9 gives a different response form Chrome or IE8. You are given the opportunity to follow the poster but still no PM

  muddypaws 14:16 PM 16 Apr 11

rdave13 Your first link. One of my favourites.


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