whizza 15:31 16 Feb 03

k i have built about 20 pcs and never had a problem

k im buildn a new system at the moment asus a7nx8 512 333mhz ddr mem 2100+athon geforce 4 ti4200

problem is when i power it on the light on the mobo comes on all the fans come on but after a couple secs it turns it self off any 1 know wot the problem is???

i have checked the memory graphics card and all cables and there doesnt seem to be a problem

  Lú-tzé 15:56 16 Feb 03

Overheating perhaps - can you get into the BIOS to check what is happening there?

  whizza 16:05 16 Feb 03

nope i get nothing on screen before it turns it self off

  Legolas 16:27 16 Feb 03

It could be shorting out have you tried removing the motherboard fron its housings and tring it outside the case resting on some type of insulated material.

  Legolas 16:28 16 Feb 03

sorry about the bad spelling

  1st RHA 16:30 16 Feb 03

this could cause overheat if the cpu and heatsink are not tight

  woodchip 16:33 16 Feb 03

check the settings for the CPU again as there are auto shut down built in to some CPU's if things are not what they should be

  1st RHA 16:37 16 Feb 03

why not try swapping a few components with another pc to check they are not faulty and vice versa to check connectors etc are ok

  whizza 18:07 16 Feb 03

k sorry for takin so long to get back

i have tried reseating everything ive also checked all ide cables +jumpers ect everything seems to be k ive just tried it in a new case with a psu i know works and the light on the mobo is on but this time it didnt even start

  rickf 18:13 16 Feb 03

What psu are you using? It is powerful enough to supply all the components.

  whizza 18:23 16 Feb 03

350w in both cases i tried

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