Plugging a wireless router into a router/switch

  NicTeeman 20:31 05 Sep 07


Okay I have a a Netgear ADSL Router/Switch in one room. It has a couple of computers connected to it and a cable running off it to another room in another part of my house. At the end of that cable it plugs into my server running Windows Server 2003. From that server it connects into a switch and I have 3 pc's running on a domain connected to the server.

I want to give wi-fi access straight to the internet bypassing the server.

With that cable that comes from my Netgear ADSL router/switch can I connect a wireless router to that and then my server into a port on the wireless router for my small domain network?

If I turn off the DHCP server on the wireless router would the wireless router still be able to pickup ip's from the DHCP server on the Netgear ADSL router/switch?

Basically connecting a wireless router to a regular router... can I then turn off DHCP on the wireless router, connect two pc's to the wireless router and say 3 wifi laptops and expect the Netgear regular router to dish out IP addresses across the network?

Ah man I wish I could make it sound simpler!

Thanks for any advice


  ambra4 02:15 06 Sep 07

How many ports on switch??

Don’t see why router cable is connected to server why not connect cable from ASDL router to the switch and then connect server to the switch would make more sense plus the other 3 PC’s

How connect the new wireless router to the switch turn off the DHCP on new wireless router and set up wireless system this would allow all pc hard wire and wireless to have Internet access, and get an IP address from the ADSL router

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