Plug & Play devices cause freezing on being plugged in

  CITCIT 17 Dec 11

After windows xp has fully booted up, I find that if I plug in my TOMTOM, Kindle or Flash drive via any USB connection and I then click on My Computer, the drive is shown as Mass Storage but not identified. The computer then freezes pretty solidly. Trying to restart or close down via Task Manager results in programes being ended but the computer will only shut down by pressing the restart button. The computer restarts with the USB devices still in place and they appear on My Computer correctly identified and the computer works correctly. I have external hard drives (Western Digital and Hitachi) which are attached via USB. These do not experience problems. It's driving me mad! Anyone got any thoughts?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Dec 11

Ghost devices (things that are plugged in and out regular can be installed several times in device manager sometimes this causes conflicts.

Either use the View menu and click show hidden devices and uninstall all hidden devices or use USB DEVICE View to uninstall all disconnected devices.

Windows will reinstall them next time you plug in but should do so with no difficulty, as there will no longer be any other instances of the device to conflict with.

  CITCIT 21 Dec 11

Have just got round to following your advice by using the link USB DEVICE View. It has worked perfectly and I am a very grateful pensioner!

Again, many thanks.



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