Pls help me set up a network pc/laptop thanks!

I have a PC upstairs which is running XP and has an ethernet connection to a BT broadband router/modem. Downstairs I have a laptop with an internal wireless card which connects wirelessly to the router upstairs and also runs XP. Both have Norton internet security running. I had both on a home network with the printer upstairs shared by both- great! BUT the PC crashed and on return from the workshop it has a new hard drive.
The laptop still has the "old network details" laptop which to be honest I don't quite remember (the name of the network for example). I have also had to change my router from A netgear to a BT one (whilst the pc was in the workshop) although both PC and laptop connect to the internet with no probs.
I remember vaguely having to change a Norton setting to allow the network but would like simple instructions on how to network the two and printer, together again. Many thanks in advance!!

They are now connected but not as before. On the laptop I used to go to MY NETWORK PLACES and the PC was shown, now I have to click on Workgroup computers. Also on the PC I did the same as the laptop but now it shows the connection to the laptop under "Internet" rather than Local network is that right or is that a security prob?
It all works but there is more clicking to get to it (if you see what I mean! Thanks

  Strawballs 22:30 20 Mar 07

Thanks, it's all working fine i'm just not sure why they read as "Internet" rather than Local network!

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