ronaldm 19:09 25 Oct 07

i have a fujitsu laptop, when i turn it on, nothing comes up on the screen, the fan does go on, and the is a battery on on the indicator, but the indicator for the hard drive doesnt come up as before,

  Graham. 19:31 25 Oct 07

Can you connect to another monitor?

  jack 19:42 25 Oct 07

'Nothing comes up on the screen'
Are you sure?
Can you see for example dim shadows on a dark background?
If you can this indicates the back light has failed.
If nothing at all then possibly the inverter has failed.
As Graham has suggested if you can get to a monitor and connect via the VGA port on the back.
You will then have to activate the external monitor control.
Look for keys with symbols on the front edge one with a monitor screen say.
You then press this key with one one the bottom row bunch- which one?
It varies you will have to play around a bit.

  ashley1215 20:18 25 Oct 07

I have a Fujitsu laptop to, at the bottom of the weyboard there os a button labeld Fn in a box, hold it down and press F3 ,,,,it should work.....keep me updated...

  ashley1215 20:23 25 Oct 07

what I ment was connect the other screen via

VGA port and then hold down the button near Ctrl on the left hand side(should be its right buddie)of the key board hold Fn down and F3 or any button witch shows an image of a screen /slash/laptop (side view).

  ronaldm 20:50 25 Oct 07

thanks guys but have been trying what you advised but seems nothing is happening, still only the fan going on and the battery indicator on.

  namtas 20:54 25 Oct 07

Have you tried starting it in safe mode?

As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8.

  ronaldm 20:57 25 Oct 07

the lappy isnt even starting up, nothing, not even e bios setup or whatever u call it that comes up when u switch it on. its only the fan thus starting and nothing else

  jack 13:59 26 Oct 07

This then is an inverter or worse.
A workshop job I am afraid.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 26 Oct 07

Rmove and refit the hard drive see if that makes a difference.

Also try to start on mains only ie with battery removed.

  crosstrainer 15:34 26 Oct 07

Graphics chip (if it won't boot with a different monitor, then it will need to be repaired by your retailer, or more likely Fujitsu themselves.

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