Please tick resolved posts

  difarn 09:14 AM 25 Jan 12

I'm sure it would help everyone if posters used the tick facility when a post has been resolved. It helps other posters who have a problem to know that they may be able to find an answer relatively easily.

  ams4127 17:44 PM 25 Jan 12

Well said. There is nothing more annoying than going out of your way to provide help to someone without a little feedback.

Clicking the tick mark should not be beyond anyone's skill.

  difarn 17:49 PM 25 Jan 12

It also helps people who have a problem as they can see there has been some resolution so they will be encouraged to look through the posts.

  morddwyd 20:04 PM 26 Jan 12

"Clicking the tick mark should not be beyond anyone's skill."

That's always assuming the facility is available.

If you have accessibility problems and set your browser to address these, PCA decides, in their wisdom to ho withhold certain facilities, the tick facility being one of them, from you.

  finerty 06:25 AM 28 Jan 12

well difarn what r u waiting 4 click the darn thing resolved

  frybluff 20:58 PM 28 Jan 12

I find that I can tick some items, but on some it does not work.

  Forum Editor 00:29 AM 29 Jan 12

Let's stop nagging people about this - especially in our beginners' forum.


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