please review my revamped webpage

  apwade 11:46 18 Sep 07

Please could people review my revamped discount shopping portal, further features will be added over the year ease use.

click here



  A-Nonymous 13:52 18 Sep 07

Is'nt this illegal?

  apwade 07:41 19 Sep 07

Why is it illegal? Take a look at the affiliate sites such as and and all other discount shopping sites.

It is not illegal as all the discount codes are given to me by the shops advertised on the site, none of the codes or offers are illegal.

  DANZIG 12:34 19 Sep 07

Looks good to me, I'm not a big on-line shopper but have bookmarked it if I get the urge.

Noticed a couple of errors though in the first paragraph. (The third sentence - The one that starts 'Your can ....'

Hope you don't think thats too picky....

  Marko797 12:49 19 Sep 07

the opening para txt made my eyes go dizzy & I stopped reading it after line 2. Maybe u cud make it larger txt or slit it up. Readability not great...sorry

  Marko797 12:49 19 Sep 07

Sorry, I meant SPLIT it eyes still dizzy u see?

  Anuil 20:44 02 Oct 07

Could do with some colour.

Maybe a bolder logo and banner

Try to ioncorporate some flash, or ask companies
if they wish to advertise on your site.

The welcoming paragraph - try to use a different font, increase the size by a point or two. Also increase the space between the lines.

I use these sites all the time so have book marked yours. The site looks much better when you search for a shop, so I think as suggested above perhaps a bit more colour on the home page? Bolder borders for the tables would be better IMHO.
As the site is offering something to the viewer I don't think it would make people "switch off" but I think the first page could be a little more pleasing to the eye- although MUCH better than anything I could do!

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