Please Please help ive got a virus

  Doire_Bhoy 12:38 09 Nov 05

Ive got a virus called Saphhire (its a worm) its do with MS SQL.

Can someone please tell me where i can get the latest MS SQL software patch?

Thanks for the help

  Monument 12:49 09 Nov 05

Remove click here

Updates click here

  Doire_Bhoy 13:03 09 Nov 05

Thanks monument.

The PC is a desktop running win 2000.

Can you please specify exactly what i need in the link you provided.

Thanks very much

  Doire_Bhoy 13:11 09 Nov 05

You there Monument or anyone else?

  Doire_Bhoy 13:24 09 Nov 05


  Rigga 13:35 09 Nov 05

removal tool > click here < from Monument's first link


  Rigga 13:36 09 Nov 05

P.S. forgot to add, after removal install SP4 from the second link.


  Doire_Bhoy 14:05 09 Nov 05

All of it Rigga? Nearly 100mb there

  Rigga 14:19 09 Nov 05

fraid so. I only have SP3 on my machine at the moment, and that's around 93mb, so not surprised that SP4 is around 100mb.


  Rigga 14:20 09 Nov 05

erm.... I take it that the machine has sql server 2000 on it?


  Rigga 14:23 09 Nov 05

actually, having just re-read the MS patch documentation, you need SP4 even if you only have MSDE on the machine.


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