Please ignore - Testing only.

  Nontek 15:46 PM 30 Jun 12

I am simply testing the Green tick system, trying to help someone else, now I am wondering if I am doing the right thing!!!

  Nontek 15:46 PM 30 Jun 12

Go on, give it a Green tick!!

  Nontek 15:47 PM 30 Jun 12

Good, so I am advising peeps properly!!

  lotvic 18:10 PM 30 Jun 12

You should be able to UNtick it as well, so if you want to test that and then test green ticking a different post.... and report back what to click on, might be useful for future reference.

  Nontek 18:47 PM 30 Jun 12


Did you notice? I just did as you suggested in this Thread and it worked - now I am going to Green tick it again!

  Nontek 18:49 PM 30 Jun 12

I just un-ticked and ticked in exactly the same way - both worked!

  Nontek 18:59 PM 30 Jun 12

For those who are still not sure, click on any Big tick alongside a Response, then click on the Post button beneath the Text box.

  lotvic 19:11 PM 30 Jun 12

Try it without clicking on the Post Button. Refresh the page instead, let's see if that works.

  Nontek 19:19 PM 30 Jun 12

Yes, pressing F5 after clicking on the big tick does work, works in both directions too, to Green and back again!

  lotvic 19:47 PM 30 Jun 12

I shall play with the 'like' thumbs up :))

  lotvic 19:52 PM 30 Jun 12

Okay it seems the 'like' thumbs up doesn't require anything more than to click on it to switch it back and forth from green like and back to grey unlike


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