Please help! - unmountable boot volume!

  Annied55 16:19 16 Aug 06


Wondered if anyone could help. I need to get important work off my laptop :(

When I try to start up my laptop it gets to black windows screen with loading bar and then goes to a blue screen with white writing on containing some sort of message about 'unmountable boot volume' and needing to shut down! Then after about 5 seconds it restarts.

I have had this problem before and a friend managed to fix it, but they are on holiday. The problem is I don't have a copy of the windows XP cd and I don't have a floppy drive. This means I can't make a boot disk.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

  rawprawn 17:12 16 Aug 06

I don't think you can do anything on a laptop without the XP CD, unless you are into adding the hard drive from another XP computer to where the CD drive should be and booting using that (not to be recomended) then running chkdsk.

  Annied55 17:19 16 Aug 06

Don't fancy that...wouldn't know where to begin! Do you know how to make a boot CD? Looked on various places but they just talk about making floppy versions :( Or can I get into MSDOS without the CD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 16 Aug 06

Maybe you can make a bootable CD click here

  Annied55 17:54 16 Aug 06

Had a look and still need Windows XP CD! Thanks though :)

Have managed to get into black screen called 'PCDOS' not sure how???!!!

Says A:\>

Could this help? If so does anyone know how?

Many thanks again :)

  rawprawn 18:16 16 Aug 06

Sorry pass! I hope someone else can help you.

  Annied55 18:17 16 Aug 06

HOORAY!!! I found a XP CD!!! All is well :)
I followed the instructions given on other strands and it appears to be working.

Many thanks everyone :)

  rawprawn 18:21 16 Aug 06

PCDOS is "Personal Computer operating System" I don't think that will help as you have no A:

  rawprawn 18:22 16 Aug 06

Well done, glad you are sorted

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