Please help settle

  iqs 22:18 13 May 07

an argument which has been going on for over two weeks at my local drinking establishment ……

The topic……Internet connection speed and download speed.

Right, if your have say a 10mb connection, and various speed test websites confirm this, and the download speed in the test is around 9500kbps.
The actual speed of the data you are downloading from web sites depends on the time of day, how many people are using the internet and the bandwidth the server you are connected to has?.

You will not be able to achieve the fastest download speed at peek times. For example, when I visit the Microsoft download centre and download the Malicious Software Removal Tool in the morning or late at night. I can achieve speeds of 1.20mbps.During the day the speed various between 150kbps to 500kbps.The applies to all web sites.

According to my friends the speed should be constant regardless of the time of day, the amount of people on the web,bandwidth.

So who is correct, me or my friends. A round of drinks is the forfeit for the loser .


  VoG II 22:21 13 May 07

You are correct except that with a cable connection you should hardly experience any contention at all - I don't.

I'll have a virtual G&T please.

  woodchip 22:21 13 May 07

It will not be constant. the address you are downloading from also can reduce the speed of the download

  phono 22:27 13 May 07

Have to agree with VoG™ and woodchip so tell your mates that I'll have a Bushmills malt.

  iqs 22:29 13 May 07

VoG and woodchip,and thanks for the quick replies.

VoG,I have Virgin Media 10mb connection,and I notice various speeds through out the day,its not constant.So is there a problem with my internet connection?.I will PM you the virtual G&T.

  iqs 22:30 13 May 07

phone,like VoG I will PM you a Bushmills malt.

  phono 22:31 13 May 07

Cheers. ;^)

  woodchip 22:33 13 May 07

Cider my way

  mammak 22:33 13 May 07

Your right and mines is a glass of house white and I would hold the gin on Vogs virtual hes bad enough with the tonic :-)

  VoG II 22:34 13 May 07

Looking at your connection speed is pretty futile since if you only do surfing your speed will be determined at the other end but click here for a good tester.

  VoG II 22:38 13 May 07

You are as prohibitive as Mrs VoG™ - however I've already had several G&Ts, a couple of glasses of red and a brandy and I'm thinking of falling into bed now!

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