please help pc's gone ga ga.

  ozzy 123 13:53 18 Jan 03
  ozzy 123 13:53 18 Jan 03

Hi please help i was writing a letter using word lastnight and my pc just froze. After 5 mins the computer got its self working on its own but on the task bar a lot of icons are missing like the active board notification and caps lock and numbers lock. this morning i noticed my norton anti virus icons are missing so i cant open it to scan for viruses. ive looked in program files and its still their but i cant open it.the only thing nmew added to my pc is ashampoo winoptimizer. could this of deleted the files and be causing the conflicts if so how do i get them back on.ho yes im running on windows xp many thanks ozzy...

  -pops- 14:06 18 Jan 03

Try to do a system restore to a time before this happened.

Start > Help and Support > System Restore and follow the instructions.


  -pops- 14:08 18 Jan 03

BTW you don't need these optimizer, improver, wonder, or any other similar programs. They can and do cause havoc in machines that were previously operating quite happily.


  ozzy 123 14:32 18 Jan 03

Hi pops done a restore earlier but it tells me systemrestore was not able restore to the earlier date. did this on three different restore points and got the same answer.

  -pops- 14:43 18 Jan 03

Oo-eerrr. Dunno then, except for something drastic. Wait a bit for someone more expert to come along.


  djwheeler 14:49 18 Jan 03

Can you get into safe mode?

  jazzypop 15:13 18 Jan 03

Have you tried running winoptimizer and asking it to reverse all the changes it made?

  woodchip 15:30 18 Jan 03

I know this may seam a stupid question but have you rebooted your comp, as it appears you leave it on 24hr

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