Please Help Laptops

  eljanno 15:43 24 Oct 06

I am looking to buy my 12yr old a laptop for christmas. He does not want it to play games on just to go on the net. I have been told that these cheap ones are no good but I dont want to pay £800, plus just for a laptop I dont think he will use. He has a PC in his own room which is fine,I just wanted to know if someone could give me a bit of advise re laptops, I have found one which has 1gb ram dvd writer, Iqon pentium M735 centrino it says its vista compatible and comes with windows media center for £699.
I am at a loss, please help.

  anskyber 15:46 24 Oct 06

Which make and model is it?

  eljanno 15:48 24 Oct 06

Iqon pentium M735 centrino, thats all it says, 60 gig HD wireless DVDRW 1gig ram

  anskyber 15:51 24 Oct 06

Dell are solid a reliable, the core duo processor ones are particularly good. click here Other makes are recommended by others.

£700 will certainly get a machine to do what you say it will be used for even less if its for internet and basic use.

  eljanno 15:55 24 Oct 06

have a look at theses
click here

click here

  Technotiger 15:56 24 Oct 06

Hi, plenty of Good cheap laptops about ...

for starters here


  eljanno 15:58 24 Oct 06

Thanks what do you think of the Toshiba one I showed you

  Technotiger 16:14 24 Oct 06

Toshiba is ok, but why pay over the top when you can buy equally as good for less, as in my "click-here".

Personally I would never pay more than £450 for a laptop - and I would still get good quality.


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