Please help-how to go wireless with virgin media?

  LisaJennings 11:27 04 Sep 07

Hi there,

I hope someone is able to help. I have NTL/Virgin Media broadband at home and am trying to set up a wireless connection, but to no avail! I do not know if I have the right equipment or how to set it up so am in need of some good advice please.

I have two laptops to connect, an IBM Thinkpad and an Acer TravelMate 4060 (I don't know if that makes any difference). I also have a BT Voyager 2110 Wireless ADSL Router that I used at my old address when I was connected with BT so don't know if this will work here. Can someone please let me know if this should work, if so, what I can do and if I need to buy a different router etc?? Thanks in advance! :)

  Chris1986 12:32 04 Sep 07

Virgin Media will only work with a few types of Routers. I run Virgin Media in my house and i use a belkin router,

Connect the cable into the back on the Virgin Roouter and then connect an RJ45 (network cable) from the router to the wireless router.

Once that has been connect by following the instructions with the router you will be able the connect your two laptops to the network. You will need to follow the instructions again to make it secure.

Hope this helps!?!

  LisaJennings 12:48 04 Sep 07

Thanks Chris - is that any type of Belkin router?

  lil27 12:53 04 Sep 07


As far as I understand, you need a broadband cable router and not an ADSL router. I have connected via wireless to my Virgin(ntl) modem using a Belkin G+ Cable router.

I originally tried to set up my system with an Access point (bridge) and this would not work.

If you can confirm this is correct, you will need to obtain the correct router.

When you get a compatible router, plug an ethernet cable between your broadband modem and the router and also an additional cable between the laptop and the router.

Insert and run the quick set up CD (supplied with router) and this should configure the set up automatically following the simple instructions given.

On completion, you should be able to remove the cable from between the router and the laptop and still have internet access.

Good luck.

P.S. You will need to secure the network (WPA and not WEP) manually by accessing the routers IP address page (normally Instructions come with router.

  LisaJennings 13:02 04 Sep 07

Thanks for your help, let's see how I get on :)

  lil27 20:58 04 Sep 07


Just for your info (i.e. don't blame me if don't work), my router is model number F5D7231uk4. It cost's just over £40 see attached link webpage as I do not know how to add a link.

click here



  Strawballs 22:23 04 Sep 07

click here any one of these will do.

  lil27 12:47 05 Sep 07

Cheers Strawballs (giving more units to consider).

Make sure you spend a few pounds more than needed and ensure you get WPA security and not just WEP.

  LisaJennings 14:44 05 Sep 07

Thanks all. I do not know the difference between WPA and WEP but have made a note of all your suggestions before I head to the shops. Thanks...

  lil27 18:55 05 Sep 07


I will not bore you with details of what WEP and WPA are. Basically WPA is for more secure than WEP as WEP can apparantly be hacked into quite easily. Some routers are quite cheap but may only allow WEP security. It is worth spending a few more pounds of your 'hard earned' just for a piece of mind ensuring your router allows WPA encription (think thats the right word).

  LisaJennings 21:48 05 Sep 07

Great, success! Thanks, I am now wireless with a Belkin G+. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to secure the network using WPA, or even WEP. The installation disc gave a completely different set of instructions to the printed ones and didn't give me an option to set this up using the wizard. Please help, what do I need to do and how (if I need to) do I access the router's IP address page?

Thanks again!

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