please help! buffer overrun - what is it???

  markygee 12:31 06 Oct 06

i have recently networked 2 pcs so that i can play multiplayer games with my son mainly to play joint operations. Anyway it worked for about 2 days and now the network connection is still intact but whenever i try to start joint operations on his pc i get a box titled microsoft visual c++ runtime library in the middle of the screen and in it it says -
buffer overrun detected!
program c\joint operations typhoon rising\jointops.exe
a buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state. the program cannot safely continue execution and must be terminated.

now i have done virus scans ( with kaspersky, ad aware, spybot) i do have the latest windows updates and have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with updates. the pc in question is an amd athelon xp 1500 1.34ghz with 512 mb of ram and a saphire radeon 9000 atlantis pro. its a bit dated i know but should be more than satisfactory for this game.
so whats going on?
pleeeeeeeeease help me someone!

  johndrew 12:57 06 Oct 06

Don`t panic!!! It`s a memory type thing. This link may well help you click here

If you think about DVD/CD burners, they suffered from buffer underrun at one time. Basically the data available, in this case, is less than needed to write to a disk. New DVD/CD burners have BURN (Buffer UnderRuN) protection.

In your case the buffer is being overfilled. You need more memory or need to free it up by closing some processes down. The former is the better solution.

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