Please Help

  ChrisBas 09:52 13 Dec 06

Hello, I'm looking for a laptop for about £600 mainly for uni studying engineering. It has to be no bigger than 15" screen and hopefully dual processor. I'm currently looking at IBM's and HP at the mo as I'm not keen on Acer back up service.

  Kate B 10:00 13 Dec 06

Have a look around the reviews on this and other sites: laptops change all the time and what's good value one month won't be available or will be trumped next month. I also suggest going out and buying the latest issue of What Laptop.

Incidentally, first, this should really be in Consumerwatch, and second, a more specific title will encourage more people to look at your thread: "Please Help" doesn't tell us anything about what kind of help you're after.

  ChrisBas 10:07 13 Dec 06

Firstly thanks for the advise on looking at sites etc but I've already done so and asked here as you's are the "experts"
Secondly please dont give snotty replies to new users of the website.

  Kate B 10:12 13 Dec 06

It's not snotty, it's meant to be helpful. I suggest you don't respond in a snotty tone to people who are trying to help you.

I suspect the suggestions you get will be general about which suppliers people have found helpful and reliable. I'm rather a fan of Dell. For specific models and prices you'll have to do the legwork yourself - why should forum members do it for you?

  ChrisBas 10:27 13 Dec 06

For your advice I've been to every PC shop in my area and recieved different recommendations, I was not implying that people go round shops and look for me (as if) but to share their knowledge. Is this not why this forum is here?
It does not matter...Thanks for nothing!!!

  Kate B 10:36 13 Dec 06

I'm sure if you a) asked in the right part of the forum and b) posted a question with a title that gives some idea of what help you're after and c) did it politely you'd get some suggestions, but as I said, specs of laptops change all the time which is why it's a good idea to look at what's current with reviews. What was available for, say, £600 last month probably isn't available now. Which is why I suggested having a look at the current reviews.

If you also took the trouble to look at the Consumerwatch forum, you'll see that people quite often also post the spec of a machine they're thinking of buying and asking for members' views on that. I did that when I last bought a PC, it was very helpful and led me to make one or two tweaks to a specification: that's the kind of expertise you've got access to here if you ask politely for it.

  Jackcoms 10:41 13 Dec 06

A word of advice.

As a newcomer to this Forum you may like to read the Forum rules which, as Kate B points out, does ask members to give their post/thread a title which actually describes their problem click here

  ChrisBas 11:51 13 Dec 06

Ok thanks for the advice. Emails can sometimes be deceptive and I may have taken advice in the wrong way. If I have affended you Kate I'm sorry. Thanks Chris.

  Kate B 11:59 13 Dec 06

No problem, Chris. Hope we can help you out over in Consumerwatch. And welcome to PCA - we're a friendly bunch.

  Meshuga 17:27 13 Dec 06

ChrisBas, please dont address members in tha manner, KateB was merely giving advice as per the forum rules which ask for a descriptive title.

  Jackcoms 18:23 13 Dec 06

I think I already said that at 10:41 didn't I?

And ChrisBas has since apologised for his/her outburst

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