Please do NOT address threads

  Forum Editor 02:00 30 Dec 04

to individual forum members.

For one thing it places an inappropriate sense of responsibility on the person involved, and it makes a nonsense of the archive database - nobody can subsequently search for the solution to the problem because it's archived under someone's forum username.

There are plenty of people available to help and advise, and we aren't going to encourage any cults of personality - it's an extremely devisive way of working, and discourages others from coming forward. In future we'll automatically delete any threads addressed to specific forum members.

  Jeffers22 07:49 30 Dec 04

Well said. Perhaps a further post outlining how the Search facility works would also be helpful. If it was possible to make this post a closed "sticky" so that it stayed at the top of the list, that would also be useful to both new and older members.

  VoG II 09:25 30 Dec 04

Much better to ask a question than posting "Oi, spikeychris" or whatever.

There is always the yellow envelope if you want to contact a forum member directly. This should be used in moderation and only when you need to contact a particular individual privately.

  Forum Editor 09:54 30 Dec 04

is good - the email link wasn't intended as a means of asking individual members for one-to-one help or advice......that's what the open forum is for.

  pj123 15:11 30 Dec 04

This needs to be bumped up to the top again. Although I don't get a thread addressed to me personally I do get lot's of emails instead of responses on the posting. Just had another one today. Have posted it on the original thread. I will always answer any emails I get but, it is always better to post on the Forum. That way we all know what is happening, and if I don't know the answer someone else will.

  joe95 15:22 30 Dec 04


  Border View 16:52 30 Dec 04


  ton 17:36 30 Dec 04


  Graham ® 17:56 30 Dec 04

Good point well put!

  Totally-braindead 19:37 30 Dec 04


  octal 19:21 05 Jan 05


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