Please Advise ... Install XP Pro connected to Broadband or unplugged from Broadband

  Shikaree 05 Oct 11

I have reinstall XP Pro to my daughter's Dell computer and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to install it disconnected to the Internet.

Please advise.



  chub_tor 05 Oct 11

I think it will take the same length of time however you do it. If you install without the internet connected the initial installation will be short but then you have to download all the updates afterwards and activate it afterwards. If you have the internet connected when you install you will be prompted to download the updates and activate on completion. There is a small risk when installing while connected in that the anti-virus will not be installed and no fire wall working, but this is a very small risk. For a simple procedure Click Here

  canarieslover 05 Oct 11

Leave it disconnected until set-up or it will start to look for updates and the install will last forever. Install updates afterwards. When all installed make a full backup to an external drive with something like Acronis on Amazon (paid for) or Easeus Todo Todo free(free software). This will take a snapshot of the system with all the updates and make it really easy to re-install if you have to in the future. Do it again when you have installed all the programs that will be regularly used and you will then have the option of going back to that state in a very short space of time if necessary.

  Shikaree 05 Oct 11

chub_tor, Thanks for your prompt reply. My daughters has been plagued with Trojans and I have to Format her Hard Drive. That's why I was a bit scared what to do.

Thanks for the LINK.

canarieslover, Thanks for your prompt reply too. I have a CLICKFREE Backup External Hard Drive.

On my computer I usually Clone the hard Drive from time to time. This is my daughter's Dell Computer.

  Strawballs 05 Oct 11

Leave it connected then it will detect connection and activate automatically, it won't do updates until it has finished, I always install XP this way.

  Shikaree 07 Oct 11

Thanks Strawballs, for your advise.


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