Playing .swf files in windows media player.

  Mr A! 11:44 08 Nov 05

I have just obtained quite a lot of movie files in *.swf format. Is there a way I can play these in Windows Media Player 9 Series and how?


  ACOLYTE 11:45 08 Nov 05

It you have shockwave player installed just clicking the file should open it.

  PaulB2005 11:47 08 Nov 05

Install Shockwave

click here

  Mr A! 11:51 08 Nov 05

I have quite a lot of music (legally downloaded from my isp's music service) and some cartoons which i've made a college. I would like to include these .swf files in media player so i can keep them all together and easy to access to.

  GroupFC 12:04 08 Nov 05

I might be wrong but I don't think you can as .swf is not a supported file type in WMP!

  PaulB2005 12:04 08 Nov 05

I don't think it is either. Hence you need the Shockwave player at the link i gave and ACOLYTE mentioned...

  Mr A! 12:07 08 Nov 05

Take a look here: click here

It says you can play the SWF file in WMP if you install Macromedia Flash Player.

I have installed it for Internet Explorer, is it the same thing?

  ACOLYTE 12:11 08 Nov 05

I dont think they open in WMP though i think they open seperatly in shockwave player.

  Mr A! 12:12 08 Nov 05

OK, thanks anyway.

If anyone finds out a way, please post it here.

  GroupFC 12:16 08 Nov 05

Hmmm - interesting! I don't have Macromedia Flash Player installed here at work (or any .swf files for that matter not that they would work!), so I'll have to have a look at this when I get home tonight!

  Mr A! 12:19 08 Nov 05

Thanks GroupFC. Let me know how you get on (By posting here or sending me an email via the yellow envelope).

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