Playing network games

  mike1967 17:20 03 Apr 05

Just set up a network with my two home pcs both running XP SP2. Everything ok etc with connecting to net. Now trying to play Red Alert 2, but having no luck at all. The PCs are connected using network cards and yes they are both firewalled using McAfee, so anyone got any ideas
I've not tried yet of playing the game with the firewall turned off as thats not an option I want to take

  LastChip 19:25 03 Apr 05

Just disconnect you're Internet connection first. Now disable the Firewalls and see if the game will play.

If it does, you know where to concentrate on to solve the problem.

Frankly, if you're not prepared to turn of the firewalls, the is little anyone can do to help you solve the problem.

  mike1967 17:36 04 Apr 05

Oh well silly me needed to install the network protocol to play the game, game now plays fine with both firewalls in place

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