playing mp3 files

  jonnyg111 11:02 AM 12 Nov 08

When I first set up my site, I made available on it some home-produced mp3 files. In the old days, I could just left-click to play, right-click to save. Now (after a computer revamp) I can still right-click to save but when I left-click, nothing happens. If I try on another computer, I don't have this problem. What should I do - how do I return to the left-click-to-play settings?


  Kemistri 13:30 PM 12 Nov 08

That's user specific, so I wouldn't worry about it. File handlers are set in the options of whatever browser you and your site's visitors happen to use and each visitor will have his own preferred approach to each file type.

  jonnyg111 16:06 PM 12 Nov 08

Thanks, Kemistri. I won't worry in general, but as a matter of interest, how would I adjust my own settings to give left-click-equals-play?


  Kemistri 17:55 PM 12 Nov 08

That would depend on your choice of browser. The help files will tell you.

  jonnyg111 19:50 PM 13 Nov 08

I'll give it a go. Thanks Kemistri,



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