playing movies recorded in the US on a USB stick

  tommycat 26 Apr 13

While I was in the US I recorded several movies onto USB sticks that work great when I plug the stick into a TV in the US. Now back in the UK when I put the USB stick into my Panasonic TV and access the USB stick via the 'SD Card' button on my remote, the message 'no valid file to play' comes up. What am I doing wrong?

  Woolwell 26 Apr 13

Assume that you recorded from TV. USA uses a different TV format to UK. NTSC in USA and PAL in UK. You may well need to convert the movies.

  mart7 26 Apr 13

tommycat your problems a slight contradiction your saying you are putting a usb memory stick into the tv and selecting sd card on the panasonic,? If the panasonic supports usb then select usb on the remote,sd card is not a usb memory stick

  tommycat 26 Apr 13

Hi mart7. My Panasonic instructions, and the remote, don't differentiate between SD Card and USB. To access the data from whichever you have inserted, you have to switch the remote to 'SD Card' first. It should then read the data on whatever device you have inserted and give you the option to select one of the videos listed. All mine says is no valid file etc.

Also, Woolwell, they weren't recorded from a TV but from a laptop where I think they were downloaded from some form of file sharing.

  Woolwell 26 Apr 13

What format are the movies in, file extension, etc? Do they play in a pc/laptop in UK?

  bumpkin 26 Apr 13

NTSC USA system is not compatible with our PAL system.

  bumpkin 26 Apr 13

Sorry Woolwell, you have already pointed that out.

  mart7 26 Apr 13

very strange the sd button doubling as usb input ive numerous american tv series that play via usb check your file types as suggested by woolwell mine plays mpeg,h264,or mp4 on the panny it doesnt play xvid which is most popular format


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