Playing MOV files on PC

  imzy 18 Dec 12

Hi there.

I just got an IPad and I recorded some videos on it. I connected the IPad to my PC and copied and pasted the video to my hard drive. The file is in VOD format. Now I can't seem to play it with Windows Media Player and when I use orher programs to open it the quality is terrible. Also when I try to play the file my computer has crashed a couple of times and also freezed a couple of times. I would like to play it with Windows Media Player because I qant to burn it to cd and give it to people to play.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

  lotvic 18 Dec 12

It's all to do with the codecs (encoding)

Download and use the free program dvdflick to convert your Apple QuickTime .mov and burn to a DVD that can be played on any dvd player. (Don't forget to also download the manual .pdf)

  lotvic 18 Dec 12

you also could do with free VLC player to watch .mov properly on your Windows pc. VLC can play just about anything you can chuck at it :)

  imzy 19 Dec 12

Thanks guys. I will try to convert it then burn it to disc.Any ideas why my computer kept crashing when I tried to play the file?

  lotvic 19 Dec 12

Not really, perhaps because Windows Media Player couldn't cope with .mov and lacks the programming to be able to identify that it can't play it properly.

  lotvic 19 Dec 12

I also should have given you this link to Apple's page to download Apple Quicktime for Windows (Apples player so that you can watch .mov on Windows pcs)

  imzy 19 Dec 12

Thanks lotvic. I did try to play the file with quicktime but the quality was not good but I am runnung an older version of quicktime so I will try to update it and see if that helps.I Am am alao trying Dvdflick to burn the file. Thanks.

  imzy 21 Dec 12

I don't kmow what I am doing wrong. Even when I try to open the file with Quicktime my computer crashes and starts doing domething called a CRASH DUMP. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong and tell me step by step how I can play my ipad videos on a normal pc.

  imzy 21 Dec 12

I tried to open the file again and the computer started to freeze then crashed.
The stop cide was: 0x000000c2, 0x00000007, 0x00001107, 0x11f415ff, 0x74661400. The error description was : BADPOOLCALLER. it didn,t mention any files. When the computer came back on it said I needed a Disk Check which took about 5 minutes then the computer started. This is a lot of trouble just to play a video file from a USB device!!!!

  imzy 22 Dec 12

Ok thanks. Will try and let you know how I get on. I am running windows vista.


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