playing dvd's in media player 10

  chriscross72 22:06 03 Feb 05

I have windows media player 10 installed on my pc....should this be able to play dvd's ?
I have tried playing an original dvd tonight and just got a few seconds of music but no visuals at all
I have windows xp loads of free ram an athlon xp1700 processor and onboard graphics.
Is there something I have not done correctly to make this horrible box of circuitry play a dvd ??

Thank you : ))

  joethebow 22:24 03 Feb 05

Just tried it, it didn't work but then I should have known it wouldn't. You need DVD software to play a DVD. Something like WinDVD or Power DVD.

However A lot of DVD's come with there own DVD playing software that installs when you install the disc. This happened when I inserted ScoobyDoo the movie just now. (NO it's not mine it's my son's honest). It installed InterActual Player.

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